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Assurety will guide your data-intense project from start to finish. Whatever your data project entails, Assurety has the insight and talent to bring about meaningful change and a positive outcome. Assurety is where technology and business meet.

Communications Management and Customer On-Boarding Support

Stakeholder management is important to the success of any data-intensive program, whether you purchase off-the-shelf software or develop a custom solution.

Assurety has extensive experience with managing communications and on-boarding customers for governmental, non-profit and corporate clients for more than 20 years.

Our approach to effective planning, execution and control of communications activities between the development team and our clients keeps everyone on the same page, and keeps the project moving forward in a positive direction.

Assurety puts stakeholder engagement and expectation management at the forefront of each of our projects. We engage with all stakeholders throughout the process to achieve buy-in from all parties and negotiate necessary changes to the software as the need arises. Our upfront planning includes regular performance reporting and an information distribution scheme, so information flows to the right stakeholders in a timely manner.

Our engineers and developers proactively identify investigate and resolve challenges and return with workable solutions that we share with stakeholders to achieve buy-in at each stage during the process.

Assurety’s on-boarding services include product training, documentation, technical support and relationship building activities that are essential to a successful roll-out. These resources are created with the same care and attention to detail as our software itself, and represent the gold standard in onboarding materials.

Our technical team develops and publishes detailed user and technical guides and leads functional and technical training programs to ensure every stakeholder gets the most out of the newly developed or updated software. Additionally, we maintain a knowledge base, a series of tutorials and FAQs to help support those who use and troubleshoot the system.

And when new or unforeseen issues arise, we offer expert technical assistance through various channels to address customer inquiries, issues or bugs. We work diligently to provide thorough workarounds as we make updates to remedy the issues through a software update.
Figure 1: Assurety’s customer service approach creates a strategic link between internal and external stakeholders.

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Featured Case Study

Inbox, now called Informed Delivery Hybrid-Digital Marketing Platform

Problem Statement: USPS delivers to millions of homes and businesses each day, but had no way to reach these customers outside of their physical mailbox. Each month USPS was losing more direct mail revenue to digital campaigns. Despite their incredible trove of data about addresses, the postal service had no way to pair that information with customer data including shopping habits, preferences and social media information. In order to stay competitive, USPS needed a digital platform to reach new customers.

How we have helped our customers

Case Studies

Digital Transformation of Commercial Channel

Problem Statement: The commercial mail channel was plagued with costly manual processes that created many opportunities for human error and provided no real-time data that could be used to hone the system. Paper-driven postage, verification acceptance, entry and induction processes were cumbersome and provided little visibility about the customers, products and services that USPS works with every day.

Load-Leveling Reverse Logistics For Significant Operational Savings

Problem Statement: iRhythm Technologies relies on reverse logistics for ZIO, their single-use ambulatory cardiac monitoring system. Slower than expected transit times became an issue, as doctors and patients eagerly awaited test results. The company expected to add at least one new intake facility to improve transit times.

Secure & Anonymous Addresses

Problem Statement: With the US population more mobile than ever, the cost to update address changes at USPS cost more than $5 billion per year. The postal service needed a solution that would cut the cost of updating address data while staying in compliance with PII regulations.

Customer Testimonials

” Throughout the engagement, Assurety’s communications with us was excellent and we are satisfied by the work performed by Assurety Consulting; the delivered actionable Mail Visibility roadmap and comprehensive report. ”

Lisa Sharpe – Director Enterprise Data Governance

“Throughout the engagement, Assurety’s communication with us was exemplary and we are impressed by the work performed and the report delivered by Assurety. I offer a high recommendation for Assurety – without reservation.”

Mike Leahy – Commercial and Trade Branch, Canada Border Services Agency

“ Assurety demonstrated full engagement from the outset, quickly learning the nuances of our business. ”

Peter Morris – Sr. Program Manager


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Mail Entry and Payment Technology

Pritha Mehra (Vice President)

As a USPS contractor, Assurety defined B2B solutions for the mailing and shipping supply chain, and for the following USPS system functionalities: • Definition and development of solutions for Full-Service Intelligent Mail including: Full-Service ACS, Mail Tracking, Informed Visibility data reporting and communications, Rules for mail preparations, classification and verifications, MID/GRID creation, management and communication functionality, Qualification reports, Postage Statements, FAST appointment scheduling Content Management and B2B transactional functionality MicroStrategy OLAP reports design, Surface Visibility functionality; and The SASP (Seamless Acceptance) system.