July 5, 2023by Team Assurety
1. CSDB – Marketing Advertisement Campaign Management

Problem Statement: USPS maintained only a single database with user information from a single source of sales data. The postal system sought a completely new system with deeper insights into customers that also allowed for marketing campaign management.

Solution: Assurety designed and developed a CSDB database and expanded the interface to include data from 36 applications including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The new system provides deep customer insight based on address, social profiles and activity on social media.

Services from Assurety: Sr. Subject Matter Expertise (SME), Business and Technical Strategy, Decision Support, ODS Design and Development, Integration, QA, Maintenance.

Technology: Teradata, Oracle, Python, R, Tableau

Client: USPS

2. Inbox, now called Informed Delivery Hybrid-Digital Marketing Platform

Problem Statement: USPS delivers to millions of homes and businesses each day, but had no way to reach these customers outside of their physical mailbox. Each month USPS was losing more direct mail revenue to digital campaigns. Despite their incredible trove of data about addresses, the postal service had no way to pair that information with customer data including shopping habits, preferences and social media information. In order to stay competitive, USPS needed a digital platform to reach new customers.

Solution: Assurety conceived the idea for and led the development of a hybrid digital marketing platform that was initially called Inbox. The platform, now known as Informed Delivery®, allows mailers and shippers to market to customers both physically through direct mail and digitally through email and mobile devices.

Services from Assurety: Sr. Subject Matter Expertise (SME), Program Management, Communications (External and internal), Business Process Engineering (BPO), Mobile Application Design and Development, B2B Integration, Decision Support (ODS), Maintenance, Customer Training, Onboarding Services.

Technology: IBM WebSphere, Java, Android, iOS, Oracle

Client: Digital Innovations Lab, USPS

3. Failed First Attempt – AI/Data Analytics

Problem Statement: The USPS encounters millions of failed first attempt deliveries per year. At an estimated loss of $3 each, these failed first attempts cost USPS hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Adding to the complication, USPS is not allowed to contact customers who have not opted-in for communication. There was a need to support delivery decisions driven by AI and pattern development.

Solution: Assurety developed a predictive Analytics AI platform that recognizes patterns in delivery profiles of households and uses social media handles, operations data and weather data to update the delivery profiles of addresses. This allows for optimization of transportation and delivery routes, saving millions per year on transportation and fuel costs.

Services from Assurety: Consulting, Complex Algorithm Development, Custom Software Engineering, Data Sciences, AI Development, Program Management, Subject Matter Expertise (SME), Data Analytics, Ideation, Decision Support.

Technologies: IBM WebSphere Java, Oracle, SAS Algorithm Development, Java, Oracle, MPE

Client: USPS Digital Product Innovations under Marketing

4. RFID based Inventory management for a Sports Retail Chain

Problem Statement: A sports equipment retailer experienced high costs and lack of control associated with manual inventory management. And, fraud was difficult to detect in real time, leading to shrinkage issues. The retailer’s consultant, Business Builders International, partnered with Assurety to create a more efficient, automated inventory management system.

Solution: Assurety found an RFID product that fit the company’s needs, and created a device-driven solution. Assurety’s participation involved discovery, design and development of the tracking and reporting system that provides real-time, on-screen identification and reporting of good scanned on conveyer belts. This improved the manual handling time for sorting goods, and increased the efficiency of their shipping and warehousing operations, which reduced labor costs and shrinkage and protected profits.

Services from Assurety: Custom Software Engineering, Ideation, Program Management, Integration, Visualizations, Decision Support.

Technologies: Microsoft .Net C#, MS SQL Server, RFID Tracking Device (DL920Plus)

Clients – Business Builders International, LLC.


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Mail Entry and Payment Technology

Pritha Mehra (Vice President)

As a USPS contractor, Assurety defined B2B solutions for the mailing and shipping supply chain, and for the following USPS system functionalities: • Definition and development of solutions for Full-Service Intelligent Mail including: Full-Service ACS, Mail Tracking, Informed Visibility data reporting and communications, Rules for mail preparations, classification and verifications, MID/GRID creation, management and communication functionality, Qualification reports, Postage Statements, FAST appointment scheduling Content Management and B2B transactional functionality MicroStrategy OLAP reports design, Surface Visibility functionality; and The SASP (Seamless Acceptance) system.