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USPS Informed Delivery – Part II: Hybrid-Digital Use Cases for Businesses, eTailers, Retailers, Governments, Politicians, Universities, Nonprofits, Marketers, Healthcare, and More

USPS Informed Delivery – Part I Should Commercial Mailers Be Scared of Informed Delivery and Hybrid Digital Mail?

Toward a Sustainable Digital Transformation: How CEOs and PMGs of Small-to-Medium Posts and Parcel Delivery Organizations Can Avoid Common Technology Pitfalls

Big Data Modeling and Analytics and Their Impact on the Parcel and Postal Industry

Technology Enablers for the Transformation of Postal Logistics

How Automating Business Processes Leads to Cost Savings

Unique Ways to Capture Postal Data to Support Your Business

Focus on the Last Mile: The Cost Savings Opportunity

Focus on the First Mile: The Efficiency Opportunity

Decrease Your Postal Costs

How Parcel Shippers and e-Tailers Leverage Big Data and Hybrid Digital To Enhance the Customer Experience and Save Costs

Opportunities in Postal Regulations and Full-Service Compliance Assessments

How to Avoid Assessments for Seamless Acceptance IMb® Undocumented Piece Errors

How to form a digital postal strategy

3 Benefits of Hiring a Mail Service Provider

How to Squeeze Increasing Bulk Mail Postage Rates into a Decreasing Budget

Staying Current: The Latest USPS Bulk Mail Requirements

Can Investing in a Postage Meter Help My Small Business Save Money?

I was told I need to use XML Mailing Software … What is That?

4 Benefits to Using Postage Software for your Business

3 Commercial Mailing Tips for Non-Profits

Assurety at Post-Expo 2016, Hong Kong

Nail It & Mail It – Tips on How to Design the Perfect Mail piece

How Netflix and Other Companies Succeed in Commercial Mailing

Mail.XML and SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) – Use cases for the Mailing/Postal Industry

Data is the King Article IV – Benefits of Full Service Intelligent Mail – Informed Visibility program and Free IMb Tracing data

Address Correction Software for Your Mobile Clientele Base

How Direct Mail Management Software Will Change Your Life

Is Your Business Ready to Receive Discounts in 2014 from USPS?

Getting Started with Business Mail: A Crash Course for New Businesses

The Best Mail Tracking Software Makes Reporting a Breeze

Why You Still Should Invest in a Mail.dat Editor in 2016

Getting to Know Mail.XML

Direct Mail Management Software: The Fulfillment House’s Job Made Easier

For Effective Marketing: A Checklist of Essentials for Commercial Mailers

Across the Pond: Succeeding with International Business Mail

Top Seven USPS IMb® full service mailing data quality verifications that can cost you money!

Full Service By (Preparer)/For (Mail Owner) eDoc errors - Everything you need to know

“Data is the King” – Article II – Saying goodbye to paper 8125 and 8017 forms – a benefit of investing in Full Service

“Data is the King” – Article I – Understanding Full Service roles for the USPS FAST Appointment management system


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