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The pinnacle of any data project is the introduction of advanced analytics and machine learning to enhance decision support. This is where “aha” moments come from.

Targeted Marketing

With competition tightening in every industry, using data to support marketing decisions has never been more important. Assurety makes it easy to use data to reach high-value customers. We build robust, reliable and scalable data collection and analytics systems that are easy to use by your marketing team – even if they aren’t data scientists.

Assurety specializes in digital and address-based targeted marketing and segmentation strategies for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) campaigns that help clearly define the metrics and data points that bear the most fruit. Our methods help define and refine target audiences using insights into behavior, preferences, geography and interests based on your organization’s internal data and information gleaned from social media, mobile data and addresses, among other sources.

Our tools leverage location data, SEO, geotargeting and mobile device data to present the broad audience, then segment that audience by shared characteristics. We then use demographic segmentation to further classify customers based on characteristics like age, gender, income, education level and occupation. This helps businesses create campaigns that resonate with specific groups and allows for more precise messaging and product positioning.

In psychographic and behavioral segmentation operations, Assurety’s advanced analytics software uses historical data to make inferences about customers and predict future spending. By understanding the motivations, aspirations and life changes of a customer, we can provide insight into their likelihood to take a certain action. We also analyze past behaviors like purchasing history to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities and to create personalized offers that are laser-focused on the customer’s pain points, needs and desires.

We can also help your team continuously improve and optimize marketing campaigns with metrics including click-through rates, conversion rates and customer acquisition costs to identify what campaigns are the most effective, plus A/B testing to further adjust your marketing strategy.

Find out how Assurety can arm your marketing team with the most accurate and meaningful data in the industry.
Figure 1: Track your customers and gain deep insight into their behaviors and preferences with dashboard displays from Assurety.
Figure 2: See an interactive overview of the efficiency of your operation and make informed, real-time decisions that impact the bottom line.

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Featured Case Study

Performance Analytics Engine for Parcel Shipping products

Problem Statement: USPS constantly rolls out new products and services, but did not have an effective tool to review existing products and services for efficiency, customer experience and cost.

How we have helped our customers

Case Studies

Technology Roadmap to utilize Delivery data to develop a Digital Marketing Platform

Problem Statement: Canada Post Corporation (CPC) sought a digital strategy for a new mail visibility and digital marketing platform. The new program would need to help CPC’s commercial customers reach their customers in new ways with targeted marketing and allow for future digital product offerings. The system needed to capture and communicate scan data in real time and integrate the new digital marketing platform with existing structures. Due to the critical nature of mail delivery, there could be no interruption in service to CPC customers during the rollout of the program, so interdependencies and risks needed to be managed upfront.

Hybrid-Digital Marketing Platform

Problem Statement: Without digital access to the millions of US households it serves, USPS was at a disadvantage as the internet revolution siphoned off marketing dollars previously dedicated to the physical mail industry. USPS needed a digital strategy to create new services and products to compete in the digital world.

CSDB – Marketing Advertisement Campaign Management

Problem Statement: USPS maintained only a single database with user information from a single source of sales data. The postal system sought a completely new system with deeper insights into customers that also allowed for marketing campaign management.

Customer Testimonials

“ Their ability to assess what additional datasets could be used to achieve the outcome was creative. ”

Mike Leahy – Commercial and Trade Branch, Canada Border Services Agency

“I offer high recommendation for Assurety – without reservation.”

El Mostafa BAADDI – Director Regional of Mail Casablanca Settat

“ An extensive study was carried out by Assurety in a very short time. ”

Lisa Sharpe – Director Enterprise Data Governance


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Mail Entry and Payment Technology

Pritha Mehra (Vice President)

As a USPS contractor, Assurety defined B2B solutions for the mailing and shipping supply chain, and for the following USPS system functionalities: • Definition and development of solutions for Full-Service Intelligent Mail including: Full-Service ACS, Mail Tracking, Informed Visibility data reporting and communications, Rules for mail preparations, classification and verifications, MID/GRID creation, management and communication functionality, Qualification reports, Postage Statements, FAST appointment scheduling Content Management and B2B transactional functionality MicroStrategy OLAP reports design, Surface Visibility functionality; and The SASP (Seamless Acceptance) system.