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  • IDEAlliance Industry Specs

IDEAlliance Industry Specifications

Assurety has been servicing IDEAlliance/EPICOMM as their client since year 2006 and providing thought leadership and technical direction for the mail.dat and mail.XML data specifications. Assurety created most of the CRs for Mail.XML writing more than 80,000 lines of code that support the digital supply chain initiative for the industry and support the full service IMb as well as parcels IMpb programs. Assurety continues to lead the mail.dat and Mail.XML development for the USPS, industry, and IDEAlliance/EPICOMM.

Assurety has presented on both Mail.dat and Mail.XML at NPF, POTC, and MTAC meetings and conferences. Please check out our blogs for Mail.dat and mail.XML 

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The IDEAlliance/EPICOMM site where software vendors, IT organizations and mailers and shippers can go to get the specifications are below:

Click here for Mail.dat versions     Click here for Mail.XML versions

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