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I was told I need to use XML Mailing Software … What is That?

May 31, 2016 12:00:00 AM / by Shariq (Sharick) Mirza, CEO and founder of Assurety Consulting Inc.,

Shariq (Sharick) Mirza, CEO and founder of Assurety Consulting Inc.,

Sometimes it seems that there’s a new technology being born every minute, doesn’t it?

 Perhaps it should not be surprising, since there are about 600,000 new small businesses started each year in the US alone, and an increasing percentage of those are tech start-ups. Software programs are impacting every corner of the business world, including mail processing. If you are being told at work that you need to use XML based mailing software now, it’s probably wise to pay attention.

What exactly is XML mailing software? In plain English, it’s software that allows you to track mail through a system. For example, when you order something from your favorite online retailer, and they give you a tracking number so you can follow your package on its way from their warehouse to your house, that process uses XML mailing software.

It also means a lot more than that. XML, which stands for Extensible Markup Language, allows computers to communicate over the Internet about exactly where a piece of mail is, to communicate data along with the mail to each mail handler as it moves along. It also allows computers to talk to each other in the printing, manufacturing and collating phases of your mailing’s creation as well.

XML is used for facilitating communication; so while it assists your database in doing its job, it does not replace it. Think about it this way. Your database holds the information for all the mailings you wish to send, while XML provides real-time data to everyone who handles the mailings during the process. It’s like putting a tiny GPS marker on each envelope, so you always know where things are.

XML is a powerful system which provides integration with the many steps in the production of a mailing. In addition to knowing when your mail is inducted into the system, or where your mailing is at any given time, this process can help you see where problems arise and be able to address them quickly and efficiently.

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