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How to Squeeze Increasing Bulk Mail Postage Rates into a Decreasing Budget

Jun 17, 2016 12:00:00 AM / by Shariq (Sharick) Mirza, CEO and founder of Assurety Consulting Inc.,

Shariq (Sharick) Mirza, CEO and founder of Assurety Consulting Inc.,

With bulk mail postage rates increasing, you’re probably looking for ways to make up the difference. One of the best ways to do this is by taking every step possible to ensure your mailings qualify for the absolute lowest bulk mail postage rates. You can do the research yourself or outsource it to a professional who knows all of the nuances and best ways to save.

The most common kind of bulk mail is “Standard Class” (at one time called “3rd Class”.)To receive this discount, your pieces must be identical in size, weight and general appearance. None of the pieces can be customized or stand out in any way; you also may not mail statements, invoices or other individualized information for the Standard Bulk Mail rate. However, you can send form letters which personalize the receiver’s name and address, as long as the rest of the letter is homogenous for each recipient.

How Much Can My Business Save?

There are a number of savings tiers depending upon how much of the Postal Service’s job you or your team are able to do. Available savings also depends upon how your mail pieces are designed and printed. It’s a wise idea to consult a bulk mail professional first before designing or printing a mailing.

The Standard Bulk Rate for a one-ounce letter, card or tri-fold brochure would range from 19¢ to 27.3¢ By comparison; regular First Class mail is 46¢ per piece. Again, the specific qualities of your mailed pieces will determine your final rate. Doing your mailing in partnership with a seasoned professional can mean substantial savings per piece.

There are even higher discounts if you happen to be a nonprofit organization with approval from USPS to send your mailings at nonprofit rates. Nonprofit pricing for the same piece of mail ranges from only 11.2 to 17.2 cents.

An Organized Mailing List

The next discount level depends upon your mailing list and where your mailing is going. Many thousands of pieces headed to a concentrated mailing area could mean substantial savings; smaller mailings headed to more dispersed addresses are not discounted very much. Adding barcodes could save you save you an additional 2.3¢ per piece, but only if at least 150 pieces are headed to the same zip code.

Bulk mailing is an excellent way to save money on postage, but only if you make the most of it and don’t overpay needlessly. Our services use specialized software and cutting-edge equipment to prepare your mail according to USPS specifications. We’ll make sure your cards, letters and brochures are mailed out at the lowest bulk mail postage rates possible — and that’s good for your bottom line.

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