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    Proven Postal Logistics Experts for Mailers, Shippers and Posts

    We provide your organization with expert consulting services and effective solutions that will save you time and money.

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    Our knowledgeable postal logistics professionals can help you streamline operations, implement new technologies and develop customized solutions.

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Assurety brings technical expertise and business knowledge to postal logistics.

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BI & Analytics

Assurety provides end-to-end capture, management, and modeling of data.

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Custom Development

Assurety can develop and implement solutions for your most complex postal logistics problems.

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Mailing Solutions

Assurety provides Post-Presort intelligent full service mail postal compliance, postage optimization, reporting, and tracking software solutions.

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Learn how digital and physical approaches are blended to create opportunities for Big Data in Postal Logistics.

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Case Study

Read about the process Assurety Consulting used to help the USPS acheive compliance with the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (PAEA).

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A complete, highly detailed roadmap for physical and digital supply chains from the first mile to the last.



Video Blog

Assurety experts cover a wide range of postal and logistics topics in these short videos. Hear first hand from Assurety executives how we approach and solve complex postal logistics problems.

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  • Success Stories

    You showed sensitivity to the in-house MBS development team, who had invested their careers into our progress to-date. It is a delicate matter to merge the old and the new, yet it was essential to the success! Thank you for your professional dedication, and I wish you much success in your future endeavors.

    Christine Kirby (President, Mortgage Banking Systems Inc.)
  • Success Stories

    I offer a high recommendation for Assurety Consulting – without reservation. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    David Steinhardt (President and CEO IDEAlliance)
  • Success Stories

    Your company has been a leader in managing and implementing technology and technology’s alignment with business processes; so that the industry and the USPS can communicate electronically and effectively manage business interactions.

    Debbie Cooper ( Postal Operations Manager, Quebecor World Logistics )
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    Success Stories

    Since 2006 Assurety Consulting Inc. has been providing technical direction, strategy, and leadership for the B2B Mail.dat® and Mail.XML™ data specifications which are used by the US Postal Service and Industry partners. The specifications provide the platform to enable the digital supply chain workflows for all mail.

    David Steinhardt ( President and CEO, IDEAlliance )
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    Success Stories

    As a USPS contractor, Assurety defined B2B solutions for the mailing and shipping supply chain, and for the following USPS system functionalities: • Design and development of new shipping and mailing products with the data specifications for the USPS systems, including Shipping Services File modifications for the eVS and PTR implementation • Technical Design, business rules identification, and data definitions for mail and parcel preparation, classification, labeling, entry, and induction rules and requirements • NSA products and functions and PTS and PTR tracking systems

    Pritha Mehra ( Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technolog. )
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    Success Stories

    In 2004 Assurety played a lead role in enabling XML and Web Services for the mailing and shipping industry to present with a focus on bringing future technology solutions, increasing workflow efficiencies through automation bi-directional communications solutions, and decreasing costs of doing business through business process engineering in the B2B environment. They provided thought leadership with mail and parcel verification, payment, entry, induction, and processing and delivery solutions.

    David Steinhardt ( President and CEO, IDEAlliance. )
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    Success Stories

    As a USPS contractor, Assurety defined B2B solutions for the mailing and shipping supply chain, and for the following USPS system functionalities: • Definition and development of solutions for Full-Service Intelligent Mail including: Full-Service ACS, Mail Tracking, Informed Visibility data reporting and communications, Rules for mail preparations, classification and verifications, MID/CRID creation, management and communication functionality, Qualification reports, Postage Statements, FAST appointment scheduling, Content Management and B2B transactional functionality Microstrategy OLAP reports design, Surface Visibility functionality; and The SASP (Seamless Acceptance) system.

    Pritha Mehra ( Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technology. )
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    Success Stories

    Assurety has the rare combination of a proven record, a good ear to customer needs and a keen eye to the future. I trust its ability to develop great products and services.

    Todd Black ( Director of Postal Affairs, Time Inc. )
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    Success Stories

    It was a pleasure to work with you and your team on our software re-engineering project. I learned a lot about project management from your clear progress reports along the way and your timely delivery of various modules. Your team was able to help us with the difficult task of converting from propriety data to "industry defined data standards" in XML, allowing us to migrate our product to the Web.

    Christine Kirby ( President, Mortgage Banking Systems Inc. )
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    Success Stories

    We are impressed with the flexibility and business knowledge from Assurety in providing technical direction and moving the Mail.dat specification into the XML-based Services Oriented Architecture. Assurety is extremely responsive to the needs of IDEAlliance and we appreciate the diligence with which our deadlines are met.

    David Steinhardt ( President & CEO, IDEAlliance Inc. )
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    Success Stories

    Over the past 10 years, Assurety’s work under postal contract included creating business and technical solutions in the form of change requests, by coordinating activities with the mailing industry in connection with Mail.dat and Mail.XML. Assurety participated in the design and development of Mail.dat and Mail.XML for the USPS, writing over 80,000 lines of Mail.XML code. The Mail.XML code supports business transactions for a multitude of Business-to-Business (B2B) functionalities for the USPS and businesses within the mailing and shipping supply chain.

    Pritha Mehra ( Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technology. )
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    Success Stories

    Assurety has been directing and leading collaboration and changes to the data specifications, in conjunction with the IDEAlliance Mail.dat® and Mail.XML™ Working Groups with representation across the mailing industry and the US Postal Service. They played a lead role in defining the two data specifications for the new US Postal Service full-service Intelligent Mail IMb program which is the BIG DATA initiative to enable efficiencies through data within the US Postal Service supply chain and in defining solutions for the parcels payment and tracking visibility solutions.

    David Steinhardt ( President and CEO, IDEAlliance. )
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    Success Stories

    In addition, as part of its contract with the USPS, Assurety provided business and technical collaboration with the mailing industry by working with and through USPS stakeholders and various USPS/mailer channels, such as Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) work groups and user groups, and the National Postal Forum.

    Pritha Mehra ( Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technology. )
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    Success Stories

    Certificate of Appreciation In appreciation for your significant contributions to the successful implementation of Full Service on May 11, 2009.

    Thomas G Day ( Senior Vice President, Intelligent Mail and Address Quality. )
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    Success Stories

    Over the past 10 years, Assurety Consulting provided support on several USPS strategic initiatives, including the Full –Service Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb®) program. Assurety has provided solutions definition, technical design, requirements development and management, Customer Acceptance testing (CAT) support, and internal and external training support for numerous system releases.

    Pritha Mehra ( Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technology. )
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    Success Stories

    Assurety’s knowledge of the Postal mailing and shipping industry and their expertise with the US Postal Service, logistics, and supply chain work flows enabled them to bring leverage to all strategy discussions to help collaborate on common goals of the US Postal Service and the IDEAlliance and its member industry. I offer a high recommendation for Assurety Consulting – without reservation. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    David Steinhardt ( President and CEO, IDEAlliance )
  • testimonial-17.jpg

    Success Stories

    We have been very pleased with the services Assurety Consulting has provided to us. Your staff is knowledgeable, skilled and keeps customers interest as top priority. We are also pleased with your staff's compliance with Nortel’s policies and procedures and being part of one team.

    Adesh Jain ( VP/GM, eSolutions Division, Avaya )

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