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Assurety experts cover a wide range of postal and logistics topics in these short videos. Hear first hand from Assurety executives how we approach and solve complex postal logistics problems.

Resolving Full Service Undocumented Errors

 This video focuses on the Intelligent Mail Full Service “BY”/”FOR”, how full service “BY”/”FOR” is used, and how to correctly identify “BY” / “FOR” in eDocs.



Decrease Your Postal Costs

 Digital tools are rising in popularity across the postal supply chain. Many of these tools have their roots in earlier electronic systems, but recent advances in both technology and carrier incentives have made it easier than ever for mailers to decrease postal costs using software.




Automated Business Processes that Lead to Savings

 Automation and integration of business processes and systems invariably provide significant cost savings to any organization, and the mailing industry is no exception.




How to Stabilize Core Business and Focus on Parcel Growth

 The parcel industry continues to grow, and businesses are in a powerful position to leverage the competition between carriers to realize savings on every shipment they make.




Opportunities in Postal Regulations

The changing technological landscape has led to new regulations, some confusion, and even more opportunities in postal logistics. As the USPS experiments with regulations, they have opened up opportunities for commercial mailers and parcel shippers of all sizes to take advantage of efficiencies and improved services.




Unique Ways to Capture and Use Big Data to Support Your Postal Business

For mailers looking to improve their customer experience or gain a competitive edge, using postal data is the best way to maximize ROI of physical goods in the digital age.




Focus on the First Mile: The Efficiency Opportunity

 The first mile is as important as the last mile for the postal ecosystem, but it is often overlooked by mailers.




Focus on the Last Mile: The Cost Savings Opportunity

 The Last Mile is where the Post Office thrives. The USPS touches every single household in the United States—approximately 130 million of them—every day that it delivers mail.




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Companies We Work With:

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