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Technology Careers at Assurety

Assurety Consulting Inc. was founded by very large systems and database experts and IT architects. As such, scalable, secure and innovative technology solutions are at the core of what we do every day. Our accomplishments include reengineering an old mortgage banking system into a state-of-the-art web services platform; design, development and deployment of mobility and big data solutions for USPS, Ingboo; and development of financial and invoicing systems for Southwest Distribution and MOMS (one of the growing organic grocery chains in the DC metro area). In addition, the Assurety team has completed a wide variety of other projects including the development of an RFID-based inventory management system for BB for a retail sports chain.
When you join the Assurety team, you will be provided with big data analytics, large system development and mobility experiences that can greatly enhance your career.

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