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Mailing and Shipping Solutions Careers at Assurety

Assurety Consulting Inc. was the first software vendor in the U.S. commercial mail industry to develop enterprise-level web services solutions and a web-based mail.dat editor. Assurety’s AIMS™ (Assurety Integrated Mailing Solution) includes a scalable enterprise-level post-presort mail.dat editor called MailAssurety that allows for combining and splitting of jobs, managing the production changes of spoilage, weight changes and supports the USPS verification and acceptance process with over 1100 PostalOne! validations. Other AIMS products include PalletAssurety™ that allows for destroying and recreating pallets to increase volumes and dropship discounts; ShipmentAssurety™ automates and streamlines the appointment management process for logistics trucks to arrive at USPS plants; and TrackingAssurety™ allows for tracking between mailing partners and the USPS.
Our products team consists of highly skilled technologists, software and systems engineers and IT architects who understand the security, scalability and UI/UX needs of the AIMs platform. Becoming part of the Assurety team will give you valuable opportunities to build a rewarding career in this specialized area of postal logistics.

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