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Consulting Careers at Assurety


For more than a decade, Assurety has been a thought leader and subject matter expert in defining digital supply chain technology solutions for the postal logistics industry. Our name is synonymous with the futuristic solutions we helped lead and develop for the USPS and commercial shippers and mailers through IDEAlliance/EPICOMM. We served as the Technical Directors for B2b Mail.dat and Mail.XML specifications. We have led, designed and directed the implementation of full-service IMb® and IMPb® (package barcode) Shipping Services programs for the USPS. We helped to develop new revenue generation business services and products concepts and brought them to reality in record time for the USPS. In addition, we have directed integrated postal data management systems and APIs with SAP inventory management systems and large logistics TMS (Transportation Management Systems) for the largest mailers in USA.
If you are interested in helping to create innovative technology and postal logistics systems such as these, Assurety may be the perfect place to advance your career.

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