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Assurety Consulting to Present at Post-Expo 2017

Sep 5, 2017 10:12:29 AM / by Assurety Consulting

post-expo-2017.pngAssurety Consulting will attend Post-Expo 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. On Wednesday and Thursday September 27 and 28, Assurety will present alongside postal and payments CEOs on digital addressing and on the role posts can play in expanding financial markets to poor communities.

Scheduled Presentations:

How Insightful Digital Addressing Can Play a Critical Role in Improving CRM, Cutting Costs, and Increasing Revenues While Remaining in Compliance with PII and GDPR Regulations

 Synopsis: Hybrid Digital and big data addressing profiles, social network integration, and creating multiple layers of security on an address can allow posts to create new revenue streams through marketing partners, cut COA and delivery costs while remaining in compliance with PII and GDPR regulations.

Presenter: Tariq Mirza, Executive Vice president of Postal and Parcel Technology


Improved Digital Consumer Data and Big Data Analytics’ Impact to Future Societies

Synopsis: Only 20% of adults in poor communities have access to banks, and 2.5 billion people across the globe have no access to financial products. Posts with bricks-and-mortar presence in these communities can play a critical role in elevating poverty, ensuring dignity and cultivating healthier societies. Digital innovation is reducing the cost of delivering financial services. New technologies in the postal realm can couple these innovations with their proximity to vulnerable segments of society to help lift the masses out of poverty.

Presenter: Shariq Mirza, Founder and CEO

Outside of our talks at 14:00 on Wednesday, September 27 and 9:15 on September 28, you can find Assurety's exhibit at booth 4015. We look forward to discussing your organization's digital readiness and other topics critical to the evolution of the postal ecosystem.


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