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USPS Informed Delivery – Part II: Hybrid-Digital Use Cases for Businesses, eTailers, Retailers, Governments, Politicians, Universities, Nonprofits, Marketers, Healthcare, and More

Jun 14, 2017 1:15:51 PM / by Assurety Consulting

email-vis.jpgIn the first part of our series on USPS Informed Delivery, we described the new communications platform and discussed commercial mailers’ concerns surrounding it. Our synthesis was that hybrid digital, digital marketing, and digital communication are here to stay and mailers should look to increase their ROI by utilizing the Informed Delivery platform in innovative ways, offering their ideas and services to mail owners and businesses. Also, in the future, parcel and flats publication tracking can provide more oportunities as the platform matures. In this article we will outline several possible use cases for different types of businesses and objectives, all adding value and helping to reach clients and consumers digitally. Our next article will focus on Mail.dat specific use cases, and the final piece in this Informed Delivery series wil explore the post-mailing Analytics. Measurement is key for commercial mailers and mail owners to undertand hybrid digital ROI and to improve their customer service, marketing, and sales CRM databases. Stay tuned!


First, the value to participant businesses and commercial mailers according to a January 2017 user survey:

  1. Over 70% of respondents use Informed Delivery to anticipate what is coming in their mail box.
  2. 79% of the respondents check their mail box every day and over 88% check their Informed Delivery notification.
  3. 68% of respondents take action from digital content on a monthly or more frequent basis.
  4. 58% take action on or review coupons on a monthly or more frequent basis.
  5. The bottom line: multiple multi-channel impressions and calls to action and increased conversion are the end result of Informed Delivery.

Use Cases

Now let’s talk about some use cases:

  1. Lobbyists and Politicians – Politicians can access stakeholders both via mail and digitally asking for votes, donations or support for a cause. Can more effectively push local, state and national governments on issues important to civil society (or their own political ends).
  2. Banks and Financial institutions – Banks can reach out to customers through mail and through digital content, allowing them to order checkbooks, apply for credit cards, and apply for mortgages online. Can provide calls to action on fraud detection and late payment reminders.
  3. Higher Education Institutions – Universities and colleges can reach out and ask for admission applications. They can enable tuition payments, update of address, and can offer specific programs driven by student insights.
  4. Non-profits – Organizations like Red Cross, UNHCR, relief organizations, organizations focused on medical treatment of epidemics, and social, political, and religious non-profits can all reach out to the consumers both via mail and digitally to ask for donations, volunteer time, or political and civil support.
  5. Retailors and eTailors – eTailors can drive consumers directly to their website and retailers can see action taken on coupons for both online and in-store shopping.
  6. Utilities and Telecoms – Utilities and telecoms can provide account management, bill payment, service activation, phone upgrade and other similar calls to action to customers.
  7. Government – Local, State and Federal governments can ask for tax payments online, provide visibility into important rules and regulation changes for businesses and citizens, and invite comments on legal, transportation, or school funding initiatives and much more.
  8. Technology and Product Companies – Businesses can offer service and product demos through digital while linking the marketing with physical mailers, creating multiple impressions and enabling quicker conversion.
  9. Posts and Delivery Organizations – Posts can offer redelivery, changes to delivery dates and times, and pickup scheduling offers as part of delivery of products.
  10. Insurance Companies – Insurance companies can offer policy upgrades, online account management, plan enrollment, policy adjustments and tie them in with physical mailers.
  11. Healthcare - The healthcare industry can utilize this technology to provide links to on-line registration forms, pre-appointment details, online bill payment, checking of accounts and much more.

These are only a few of the envisioned use cases for Informed Delivery, many of which are already in practice.

The Elephant in the room – Analytics and CRM Refinement

Postal mailing data gathering, reporting and analytics that business entities can use to refine their marketing, customer service, sales databases. URL clicks, email openings, actula perfomranc eof call to action are all invaluable datapoints. We will provide details on the Analytics in our fiurth Infomred Delivery article, Part IV.

Contact Assurety to improve your CRM and refine your customer profiles, which are a critical starting point for effective Informed Delivery campaigns. Assurety provides technical consulting to its clients and its Mail.dat editor package, AIMS™, the industry’s flagship web based Mail.dat and Mail.XML post-presort software, easily manages Informed Delivery campaigns. Contact us for consulting or a demo of AIMS.


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