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Address Correction Software for Your Mobile Clientele Base

Apr 12, 2016 1:00:00 PM / by Shariq (Sharick) Mirza, CEO and founder of Assurety Consulting Inc.,


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How Direct Mail Management Software Will Change Your Life

Apr 5, 2016 1:00:00 PM / by Shariq (Sharick) Mirza, CEO and founder of Assurety Consulting Inc.,


In an age of mobile advertising and social media, direct mail still remains an essential marketing strategy. A flyer or brochure still attracts a significant demographic that is reluctant to embrace the tech world. But your penchant for sending mailings to technophobes does not need to translate to a complete inability to utilize the marketing industry’s most effective tech solutions.

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Is Your Business Ready to Receive Discounts in 2014 from USPS?

Mar 29, 2016 7:46:45 AM / by Shariq (Sharick) Mirza, CEO and founder of Assurety Consulting Inc.,


If you are a business with high mail volume, there is some important news from the United States Postal Service that you should know. The USPS is revising mailing standards and procedures, and encouraging mailers to convert to full-service intelligent mail. To encourage uptake of new standard, the USPS will issue mailing credits to businesses, in an effort to alleviate the cost of the new hardware, and to encourage swifter adoption of the new procedures.

Why is the USPS giving credits?

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Getting Started with Business Mail: A Crash Course for New Businesses

Mar 29, 2016 7:00:50 AM / by Shariq (Sharick) Mirza, CEO and founder of Assurety Consulting Inc.,


Congratulations! You’ve started your own business. There are so many things to think about, you might feel on some days that your brain just can’t hold everything. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources out there that can help, and companies who have made each aspect of your business into a business all their own. So when you start to think about getting your mail out, we can get you started with this Business Mail: A Crash Course for New Businesses.

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The Best Mail Tracking Software Makes Reporting a Breeze

Mar 18, 2016 3:59:57 AM / by Shariq (Sharick) Mirza, CEO and founder of Assurety Consulting Inc., posted in Postal Mail and Shipping Tracking


Maintaining open communication with clients is an absolute essential for any fulfillment house — particularly those for which shipped and stored items are of a time-sensitive nature. Clients want to know when shipments have arrived, how they’ve been stored and when they can expect to see them on the road to their final destinations.

If your fulfillment house in any way follows the current market trends, you probably require outsourced shipping to maintain focus on your real area of expertise: fulfillment services. In this sense, consistently accurate client reporting can prove a real distraction. The best way to ease the burden? Invest in mail tracking software. Such an approach can result in significant efficiency improvements, not to mention improved accuracy in client reporting. The best mail tracking software will include the following essential features:

Early and Late Shipment Reporting

Your number one goal should be to get shipments in on time, every time. Unfortunately, you’ll occasionally encounter factors outside of your control, forcing a shipment to either arrive ahead of schedule or decidedly late. In either scenario, you’ll definitely want to be notified of the discrepancy so that you can follow up with the client and ensure that it doesn’t happen again. The best mail tracking software will provide red flag reporting, drawing both early and late shipments to your immediate attention.

Automated Tracking and Delivery Information

Your customers are every bit as eager to know about the sent and received times as you are. With the help of mail tracking software, you can keep them up to date on all delivery developments. Clients will enjoy access to such information through an automated approach, as well as the ability to personally open up communication should any problems arise. When customers have access to timely and accurate information about their shipments, they are far more likely to rate your fulfillment house as professional and worthy of their business.

Abide By Critical Entry Times

Certain shipment orders may be accompanied by the need for delivery within a critical entry time. This essentially refers to the period in which shipment is considered acceptable. Critical entry time is a particularly important concept in the realm of periodicals and newspapers, which, if not received at the appropriate time, fail to serve their true purpose — the timely reporting of relevant matters. However, a variety of other clients may place strict requirements related to critical entry time. The best mail tracking software will quickly notify whenever shipments fail to abide by critical entry times. Through timely and accurate reporting on such critical entry mishaps, the software keeps account executives up to date, assisting in the resolution of any problems that may have led to any given critical entry time failure.

The best mail tracking software takes the difficult and painful process of reporting to clients and turns it into a system that works to your fulfillment house’s advantage. The best mail tracking software will promote timely shipping, thereby keeping clients satisfied.

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