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3 Commercial Mailing Tips for Non-Profits

May 8, 2016 12:00:00 AM / by Shariq (Sharick) Mirza, CEO and founder of Assurety Consulting Inc.,

Shariq (Sharick) Mirza, CEO and founder of Assurety Consulting Inc.,

When your nonprofit decides to launch a direct mail campaign, the process can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of bases you have to make sure you cover to avoid having your mail returned to you, and to insure the effectiveness of your campaign. There are certain guidelines you have to follow, which is why I have compiled these commercial mailing tips for non-profits.


1. Research your target market

Your mailing list quality is the most important part of your campaign. Whether you are working with a database that your organization has compiled itself, or you are buying mailing lists from a service you need to make sure that you have your target donor identified and that your campaign is designed to reach out to them.

You need to whittle down your list to a specific type of person identifying. Know their age, income, number of children, professions, interests, and more. If you have to spend a little bit more money to have a highly targeted campaign, it is money well spent.


2. Design the best campaign

Once you have compiled all of the information you can gather about your target, it is now time to design the campaign. Not only should your mailing reach out to them, it should also let them know what they are getting out of helping you.

Is it the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that they’ve done something right, or is it front row seats to a concert? You can create an opportunity to purchase a special membership that carries certain perks. Get creative and you will get a response.

3. Get a bulk mail permit

Once you have your campaign designed, you should know that you are eligible for a bulk mail permit through the United States Postal Service. This will allow you to send large amounts of mail at reduced prices.

In order to qualify for a bulk mail permit, you have to contact your postage meter vendor, and fill out a Mailing Permit Application Form. This will allow you to print your own postage instead of buying stamps individually. You can also fill out the Form 3615 Mailing Permit Application at Make sure you check “Notification to Present Metered Mail in Bulk” in Section B and present the form to the post office.

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